The Ideal Training Airport

Weltzien Skypark airport (15G) is different from any other airport.

Our motto is: If you can land here, you can land anywhere!

Its narrow and short runway make of every single landing a great challenge and excellent training.

Pilots who come to us don 't only earn flight time, they also earn reputation.



Excellent Aircraft Availability

A fleet of 4 Cessna 150's, 4 Cessna 152's, 7 Cessna 172's is available for use.

Aircraft availability is one of our strengths: our local pilots only fly during their days off. Our hour builders enjoy flying anytime.

A good aircraft availability is one of the most important factors for an enjoyable and relaxed hour building.

Hour builders can schedule aircraft according to their needs and plans.



Ideal Flying Weather

Between the end of March and the beginning of November, we enjoy excellent flying weather.    

We don't have unstable weather, hurricanes or excessive heat and moisture like they do in Florida.

At most, you will see some mist in the early morning and a few thunderstorms in the early afternoon as anywhere else in the world.

Our spring, summer and fall are mild, comparable to Southern France and Switzerland.



Save Money, Pay The World's Lowest Rate

Our rates are the lowest available in the industry and include fuel surcharges.

Aviation will develop and evolve over the next half century and we are dedicated to support the next generation of pilots by offering advanced level hour building at a fair rate.

In exchange we ask for commitment, self-motivation and a serious attitude.

If a fancy holiday is what you expect from your hour building, then we ask you to stay clear of our airspace and would happily refer you to flight schools in Florida or California. 



Visit Big Cities And Great Places

Cities in close vicinity of our airport are: Detroit, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Columbus.

On a full gas tank, you can get to the doors of New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia. The places to visit and challenging airspace are countless.

The Niagara Falls are one of our hour builder's favourite, as are the marvelous islands on Lake Errie.

Visual navigation is very challenging due to the very homogene landscape. Undoubtly, flying in Ohio and surrounding regions will sharpen your navigation skills in a matter of days.

It is very easy to get lost in our regions but fortunately VOR's are scattered all over the vast area and they will help you get back home safely.

ATC coverage is very good and traffic intensity is manageable, unlike very busy places like Florida or California. 

If you're looking for something special, larger, less busy airports in our vicinity such as Columbus International, offer opportunities to fly parallel visual approaches with larger jet aircraft.


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