Two young pilots who joined from Belgium in 2009 (Cessna 150 hour building)

"It was a once in a lifetime experience. We only wished that there were more rooms available at the airport"


Two young pilots who joined from Italy in 2008 (Cessna 150/C172 hour building)

"A great experience that we recommend to all!!"

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A young pilot who joined from Belgium in 2008 (Cessna 150 hour building):

"Everything here is perfect!! Good planes, nice people, good organisation. Payments and rates are as advertised"

"To start with, I was really impressed by the kindness and the open mind of everybody at Skypark airfield! They were so nice with me. They helped me find anything I needed on the spot. Every morning I received a "How are you doing" with a large smile and that did please me alot. Sometimes,  I went to the bar for a drink with pilots of Skypark, to the restaurant for a "pizza party" or to friends of friends' for a "barbecue". It was really fun! 

Now, my target was to build some hours to get 200 hours for my CPL. I flew approximately 45 hours in 3 weeks. It 's not a lot but enough for my CPL. I took time to fly because the weather was not good every day. I easily adapted to flying in America though it was sometimes difficult to understand what air traffic controllers were saying because they speak fast.

The planes are old, sometimes tricky to start up but good, reliable and safe. The really short and narrow runway was challenging and very good for my experience. The price I paid for one hour of flight time is approximatelly 60 USD and the dollar is really low compared to the euro.

I'm very happy of this experience! I met some wonderful people,, flew my hours and discovered a new country and another culture."


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