2011 RATES (include sales tax and charges)

Cessna 150

 50 hours block $3399

 75 hours block $4899

100 hours block $6399

Cessna 152

 50 hours block $3799

 75 hours block $5399

100 hours block $6999

Cessna 172

 50 hours block $5099

 75 hours block $7299

100 hours block $9499

Indicated rates include fuel, oil, maintenance and Medina County sales tax (6.5%).

From 05/05/2011,  we are forced to apply a 3.80$ per hour fuel surcharge (incl. sales tax) due to drastically increased fuel prices.

The group discount has been discontinued effective May 6th 2011.


From March 2011, a daily shuttle service between the airport and the hotel will be offered to pilots at the nominal charge of $5 per day.

Total cost estimate of hour building, for pilots joining from outside the United States:


Cost per unit

 Total cost

Block time 100 hours on Cessna 150

$6399 (incl. sales tax)


Briefing/check-out with instructor +/-5 hours

$25 per hour


Hour Building Material (maps, ...)

$70 (+ sales tax 6.5%)


Administration Fee & general services*

$250 (+ sales tax 6.5%)


Aircraft Renter's Insurance**

$465 (tax exempt)


Airline Ticket From Europe



Travel insurance



Daily shuttle service - 35 days

$5 per day


Accommodation Option 1 shared at Hotel - 35 days

Price per night 16$ - 35 nights


Accommodation Option 2 single at Hotel - 35 days

Price per night 32$ - 35 nights





Option 1 accommodation


$8965 (about 6800/5700)

Option 2 accommodation


$9525 (about 7200/6000)

 FUEL SURCHARGE (from 05/05/2011)

add $3.80/hour

(about 2.70 per hour)

Most airports in the U.S. do not charge landing fees or taxes 

 = pilots save hundreds of dollars!!






 Administration fee is $100 and consists of membership fee and airport ID 

 General services fee is $150 and consists of:

  •  90 km return CLE (Cleveland Hopkins International Airport) - Wadsworth on arrival,
  •  90 km return Wadsworth - Cleveland for FAA interview,
  •  90 km Wadsworth - CLE on departure.


**A word of explanation on aircraft renter's insurance

We have reached a special agreement with our insurance broker to receive coverage for pilots not residing in the United States, with the approval of AIG Aviation Insurance.

A few conditions apply:

  • A pre-clearance process (3-6 weeks) must be completed prior to arrival
  • Insurance premium is not refundable due to additional services provided
  • The premium must be paid on arrival at our airport
  • You are not allowed to fly until you receive your policy papers
  • You must terminate your policy when you depart

Once you paid your premium, we will take care of sending your original insurance request form and a check (insurance broker only accepts checks) by mail, as soon as possible. This usually takes 2-3 business days.

During these 2-3 days, we will help you become familiar with our airport/area through ground briefings with our instructors. You will also be encouraged to catch some flights with our local pilots to familiarise yourself to the airport.



Aircraft renter's insurance is a must have for pilots on hour building and for any pilots renting or borrowing aircraft.

Most FBO's and flight schools who advertise "insurance included" or "deductible only" coverages are not covered for the renters but only for themselves!! They never show their insurance policy to pilots, until something happens.

You could be made liable for the deductible but that's not all: the insurance company can exercise right of subrogation and claim damages against you if an accident happens because of an error of your part. This has happened many times in the past.

To limit the student pilot's financial risk when flying and before all, for their peace of mind, we have made it a requirement to hold renter's insurance before stepping on one of our aircraft.

We also advise student pilots to buy life insurance coverage in their own country, with general aviation coverage included.

Insurance companies do not cover gross negligence or intentional acts.


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